Softvision Portal

The Cognizant Softvision portal is a virtual collection of data, documents, forms, presentations, photos and many other useful information for the company's employees. The goal was to restore the portal to a platform with a new and modern design where all the members of our Softvision community could find any information in a pleasant, fast and efficient way.

My role

UI & UX Design


Cognizant Softvision




Usability analysis

UX analysis is a set of tactics and guidelines that improve a digital product’s ease of use and overall user flow. Over the course of this analysis we identified some problems: difficulty to access information, out of date info and outdated design.


User Interviews

In our user interviews we quickly got feedback from colleagues and find out more information on what are their needs, what problems they encountered and we also found out how they use the portal in a day to day routine.


UX Survey

The purpose of a UX survey is to collect even more information to better understand what users think and why they're visiting this portal. From the results, we got a clearer view of user needs, the frustrations they encountered and the main reason they used the portal.


Simplified IA

The initial structure of the portal was a bit cumbersome, so with an easier navigation, better grouped information and more intuitive search, the whole user experience improved greatly.



By simpifing the information architecture and organizing everything in a compact way, I had to prioritize the main content and clarify where major navigation and page elements are going to appear through out the portal.


Final UI

Now that the interface was more easy to navigate and with an updated look and feel, users could find relevant information in a faster and more enjoyable way without obstacles and frustrations.


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